Mobital: Chalta Phirta Haspatal



Mobital aims to provide quality primary and preventive medical services in rural and semi urban areas at affordable prices at their doorsteps..

To achieve this, we have designed and launched a ‘chalta phirta haspatal” – Mobital that travels to the villages as per published schedule with MBBS Doctors including 1 female Doctor who use modern diagnostic equipments including ultra sound, ECG and full laboratory to diagnose and treat patients at their doorsteps. Medicines are also dispensed from on-board pharmacy. Patients are charged affordable fees; slightly higher than the charges levied at the government facilities and significantly lower than the rates charged by the private healthcare providers in the cities that may be 15 to 50 km away.

Mobital has been successfully implemented in District Sangrur in Punjab; we are now getting ready to scale up. Our dream is to have 1000 such units in India and perhaps more outside India in other developing countries. We aim to leverage to miniaturization in healthcare technology and communications to make primary and preventive healthcare to the patients in rural and sub urban areas. Women, children and elderly are primary beneficiaries as they find harder to travel to cities to seek medical care.